Screen Printing And Graphics in Cape Coral by Scott & Ryan Miller.


Vinyl Lettering


Heat Applications


Installation & Care​

  • ​Clean and dry the area where you are placing the decal
  • Remove the paper backing from the decal, being careful not to pull the vinyl from the tape on the front
  • You may spray the back of the decal with a lightly soaped water mixture for easy placement, and move the vinyl slightly to position
  • Once in place use a squeegee or a similar product to apply the decal. With the tape still on, use your squeegee to push all the water from behind the decal toward the edges, along with any bubbles that may have formed, to flatten it to the window
  • Allow the decal and tape to dry
  • Slowly remove the tape from the front of the decal
  • You may then clean the area of any soap or water streaks
  • Enjoy your new artwork!

About Our Vinyl ​

You will enjoy years of vibrant color with the high quality product used to create your decals.  They may be used indoor or out, and will hold up in full sun and high moisture.  The estimated lifespan of our vinyl is 5 years or more. If you want to remove your decal, simply use a hair dryer or other heat source to loosen the decal, and gently peal it off.